as a token

as a token (of something)

symbolic of something, especially of gratitude; as a memento of something. He gave me a rose as a token of his esteem. Here, take this gift as a token of my appreciation.
See also: token
References in classic literature ?
Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken
However, on the third night the soldier carried away one of the golden cups as a token of where he had been.
I am far from well, beloved, and have lost all my gaiety of disposition, but I send you this letter as a token of my love, devotion, and respect, Oh dear lady of my affections.
If a tear--a maiden's sunshiny tear over imaginary woe--dropped upon some melancholy page, Clifford either took it as a token of actual calamity, or else grew peevish, and angrily motioned her to close the volume.
Ozma of Oz and her people, as well as Dorothy, Tiktok and Billina, were splendidly entertained by the Queen mother, who owed all her happiness to their kind offices; and that evening the yellow hen was publicly presented with a beautiful necklace of pearls and sapphires, as a token of esteem from the new King.
And when both of them had thus silently composed and strengthened themselves, they gave each other the hand, as a token that they wanted once more to recognise each other.