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Artsy maintains teams of art historians and journalists.
Artsy You employs one part-time worker other than the owners, and there are no current plans to expand.
8220;For example, a collector or curator who is interested in abstract expressionism may be directed from Mark Rothko's Artsy profile to someone from the School of Rhode Island like Ruth Dealy,” he shares.
Latin and dance tracks at the Bird Cage Restaurant's artsy semiformal New Year's Eve party.
Architecture firms and their creative ilk who have long been attracted to midtown south, whose hip atmosphere and airy lofts serve up the perfect office space for tenants with an inclination for the artsy and fashionable, have begun pushing towards its less expensive fringes as rents in hot submarkets like SoHo, Union Square and the meatpacking district continue to chart a dramatic path upwards.
We were these artsy stoners who were more interested in Sonic Youth than being straight edge," finishes Taylor.
However, his artsy ruminations about God did not ever mean that the Christian religion was particularly resonant for him.
A few works fall flat: The blue-and-white Untitled #62, 1998, looks a little too much like an artsy product shot.
What I like best is the people here--all artsy kids, of course, but a big mix of types from conservative to totally pierced.
The menu was designed to cater to Maginhawa Street diners, where the first Artsy Cafe is located.
The digital graphic novel format lets both fans and those new to the series see the story and all of its characters in an artsy light.
There is an artsy, slightly quirky collection of artisanal furniture makers, set makers and scenes shops, speaker makers, soap makers, and various food processors.
This form of artsy stitching has been spicing up pillowcases and toaster covers for decades.