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(the/an/one's) artistic style

The distinctive qualities of a particular artist or artistic movement. How would you describe Reubens' artistic style? That painting is clearly in the artistic style of the impressionists.
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poetic license

liberties or license of the type taken by artists, especially poets, to violate patterns of rhyme, harmony, structure, etc. I couldn't tell whether he kept making spelling mistakes or if it was just poetic license.
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poetic license

the way in which writers and other artists are allowed to ignore rules or change facts in their work It's obvious the writer was using a certain amount of poetic licence because the route she mentions has been closed for 50 years.
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poetic license

Also, artistic license. The liberty taken by a writer or artist in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve an effect. For example, I've never seen grass or a tree of that color; but that's artistic license. [Late 1700s]
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The Elizabethan tendency to sensational horror finds its greatest artistic expression in two plays of John Webster, 'The White Devil, or Vittoria Corombona,' and 'The Duchess of Malfi.
It was our love of the Unerring Artistic Adjustment of Nature that inspired us.
Then," said I, "when you led us against the lumberman--the-- Klondiker--it wasn't altogether on account of the Unerring Artistic Adjustment of Nature?
Everything would be fine if he didn't think it necessary to tack on the artistic temperament to his painting.
Judi Gani & Charlton O'Neal, Artistic Directors
To be given high praise for both its scholarship and non-specialist general reader accessibility, Faulkner's Artistic Vision: The Bizarre And The Terrible by Ryuichi Yamaguchi (Aichi University of Washington) is an engaging and intriguing instant classic on William Faulkner and his work.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- With 20 years of catering expertise, Carlyn Berghoff, president of Artistic Events by Carlyn Berghoff Catering, Inc.
In the context of museum exhibitions and art-history symposia such as these, one increasingly finds institutional critique accorded the unquestioning respect often granted artistic phenomena that have achieved a certain historical status.
On his death in 1930, Phelan left the Villa Montalvo to the people of California, with the express wish that it be maintained as a centre for artistic endeavour.
Regression analyses suggested that artistic and investigative were the only vocational preferences which shared unique variance with noctcaelador.
Willy Tsao, the 49-year-old artistic director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company, wants his dancers to explore freedom.
A native of Angles, Spain, Remedios Varo grew up in a family that nurtured academic and artistic aspirations.
Although the diverse types of works in this genre have traditionally been studied individually by medium and provenance, their artistic origins and meaning within a larger historical context have only recently come under scrutiny.
Sociorealism was the only artistic expression accepted by the state--a deeply ideological movement, that didn't carry any aesthetic function,' says Pankova.
Some major Chinese cultural and artistic conventions are discussed by critiquing the works of two most prominent Chinese folktale picture book artists.