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From its inception, Artful Home has insisted on jurying every single artist who applies to be represented by the company, from painters and glassblowers to furniture makers and sculptors.
Stuart Godden, Astute Programme Director for BAE Systems, said: The launch of Artful is another significant step forward in the Astute programme.
The Artful Baker was established in 2011 by Roger Dickson in the back of a friend's shop.
Artful Dodgers is the result of five months of work with 21 schools and youth groups, where professional male dance artists have worked with boys and young men - many of whom have never danced before - to devise the show.
HMS Artful a 7,400 tonne, 97 metre long attack submarine was officially named yesterday
Fleur Childs, an Australian citizen who co-founded the Brooklyn-based Artful Bachelorette with her childhood friend Samara Hodgson, said that when a stripper is present in the party they end up humiliating the bride if she wants a lap dance, the New York Daily News reported.
THE TOPIC: An eclectic, playful collection of four lectures delivered at Oxford University in 2012, Artful blurs the boundaries of fiction and nonfiction (the essays were written as part of a series on European comparative literature)--just for a start.
PENISTONE Centre Stage Musicals are searching for boys to audition for the roles of Oliver and the Artful Dodger.
The Artful Dodger, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Nancy and Miss Havisham all appeared at the Aigburth stately home to celebrate 200 years since the iconic author's birth.
Summary: Censorship is part and parcel of any art festival--Kipp just wishes the UAE was more artful about it.
com)-- Jennifer Fortier announced the recent launch of her new management consulting company, The Artful Enterprise, LLC.
We define an ARTful fold as a fold of a full row onto an adjacent row or a full column onto an adjacent column.
Unis vers Cythere; aesthetic-political investigations in polis thought and the artful firm.
Any sewer who wants crafts that don't necessarily conform to traditional patterns and rules will find Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing a key attraction.
Developed under a programme called Project Artful it uses a bungee-based device that interfaces between the mortar and UAV.