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I thought it sums up the council's attitude over the roads - they can't be arsed doing anything about it.
Step forward ARSED - the Arran Roads Slowly Eroding Down campaign.
Well Susannah at least looks at the queue and says "I can't really be arsed with this".
I REALLY can't be arsed talking about Artur Boruc, but please spare me the mock outrage about him making an "obscene gesture" to the Rangers fans.
Maybe we can help each other out with public appearances and promotion - like when I can't be arsed she could do mine and when she can't be arsed I could do hers.
Potential buyers are advised to check out the double steam shower, which features dual seats for the couple who can't be arsed to stand up for a couple of minutes, plus a steam aromatherapy function which might just have helped Lee become the calm and centred young man he is today.