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He added: 'The cavern was known as Devil's Arse until Victorian times when it was changed to Peak Cavern because they were prudish about it, so all we are doing is changing the name back.
Mr Gosling said the name Devil's Arse comes from the noise resembling breaking wind which is made when water which has built up in the cavern drains away.
Known since Victorian times as Peak's Hole, at Peak Cavern, near Castleton, Derbyshire, the site had been listed by the Anglo Saxons and entered within the Domesday Book as the Devil's Arse.
And he looked stupid with his bum, his pig's arse pointing at the sky, he didn't look so good.
If an alien landed on Earth, he would think Kylie's arse is the world's leader.
I hope there will be a house style directive that in future, while arses may be kicked with impunity, the only asses (apart from silly ones) tolerated will be grey and shaggy, with long ears and a tail.