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fight in armour

obsolete Of a man, to wear a condom while engaging in sexual intercourse. Primarily heard in UK. With such a high risk of sexually transmitted infections among strangers, you'd be extremely foolish not to fight in armour.
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a chink in somebody's armour

  (British & Australian) also a chink in somebody's armor (American & Australian)
if someone or something which seems to be strong has a chink in their armour, they have a small fault which may cause them problems She's a brilliant businesswoman, but her lack of political awareness may be the chink in her armour.
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a knight in shining armour

  (British & Australian) also a knight in shining armor (American & Australian)
someone who helps you when you are in a difficult situation
Usage notes: In stories about medieval times (= the time between 500 and 1500 AD), knights were soldiers who rode on horses and helped women in difficult or dangerous situations.
She looked around the bar to see if there was a knight in shining armour who might come and save her from this awful man.
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IBD-Deisenroth is playing a leading role in the development of the Modular EXpandable Armor Systems (Mexas) that the German Army hopes to field on the next generation of tanks and armoured vehicles.
One version included layers of sand inside armoured boxes placed around tank hulls and turrets.
While explosive reactive armour and composite add-on armour has entered widespread use on main battle tanks, their heavy weight and bulk make them far from ideal for use on lighter armoured vehicles.
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