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fight in armour

obsolete Of a man, to wear a condom while engaging in sexual intercourse. Primarily heard in UK. With such a high risk of sexually transmitted infections among strangers, you'd be extremely foolish not to fight in armour.
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knight in shining armor

A selfless, chivalrous man who helps a woman in distress. When the police officer pulled over to help the old woman change her flat tire, she hugged him and said he was her knight in shining armor.
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chink in (one's) armor

A minor but very detrimental flaw or weakness. Yeah, he's brilliant, but his violent temper has destroyed many business relationships—it's really the chink in his armor.
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knight in shining armor

A rescuer or defender, as in What this political party needs is a knight in shining armor to change its tarnished image . This metaphoric expression alludes to a medieval knight. [Mid-1900s]
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a chink in someone's armour

If someone or something has a chink in their armour, they have a weakness that people can take advantage of, although they seem very strong and successful. Note: `Armour' is spelled `armor' in American English. With their superior knowledge, they might find the chinks in his armour. Labour leaders hope to use their annual conference to attack what they currently see as the most vulnerable chink in the government's armour. Note: A chink is a small hole or opening.
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a knight in shining armour

If you describe a man as a knight in shining armour, you mean that he has rescued you from a difficult situation, often in a kind and brave way. Note: `Armour' is spelled `armor' in American English. I just felt dizzy and then I collapsed. The next thing I woke up in hospital. I am very, very grateful to Tom and I always will be — he really was my knight in shining armour. She found a surprising knight in shining armor in her company's attorney, who rode in to save her job, rescue her love life and give her a place to live. Note: In stories written or set in the Middle Ages, a knight in shining armour traditionally came to the rescue of a `damsel (= young woman) in distress'.
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knight in shining armor

A wonderful guy. Fairy tales chronicled fair maidens in distress who were rescued at the last minute from dragons and ogres by a gallant knight in gleaming armor, where-upon they all lived happily ever after. Even if a young woman didn't view herself as a princess or consider herself in desperate straits, she still imagined herself being carried off by the man of her dreams, Prince Charming, a knight in shining armor.
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