armed and dangerous

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*armed and dangerous

Cliché [of someone who is suspected of a crime] having a gun or other lethal weapon and not being reluctant to use it. (This is part of a warning to police officers who might try to capture an armed suspect. *Typically: be ~; be regarded as ~; be presumed to be ~.) The murderer is at large, presumed to be armed and dangerous. The suspect has killed once and is armed and dangerous.
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When I suggested they sounded like armed and dangerous Rotarians, he laughed and agreed with the characterization.
Police stressed that the following people are considered armed and dangerous and no one should attempt to apprehend these suspects.
A search for a parolee described as armed and dangerous ended up with the discovery of a small marijuana plantation in the back yard and bedroom of a Palmdale house, sheriff's officials said.
Raymond Kelly, undersecretary of the Treasury for enforcement, said, ``Today the ATF took decisive steps to bring down an armed and dangerous militia group that was charged with conspiring to cause civil unrest.
Police also said the officers were expecting to confront armed and dangerous drug dealers inside the house.
The group we're dealing with, as with all narcotics dealers, are heavily armed and dangerous and (a) serious risk to the community and police officers," said Handy.