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sledge-hammer argument

A strong argument that eliminates all opposition. I really want to win the debate next week, so I'm preparing a real sledge-hammer argument.
See also: argument

arguing for the sake of arguing

Continuing a disagreement solely out of obstinacy. We have a potential compromise, so he's just arguing for the sake of arguing now.
See also: argue, of, sake

for the sake of argument

Just to consider an alternative to something being discussed. I know you want to go to Stanford, but just for the sake of argument, let's talk about what some of the other schools you got into have to offer.
See also: argument, of, sake

arguing for the sake of arguing

 and arguing for the sake of argument
arguing simply to be difficult or contrary. You are just arguing for the sake ofarguing. You don't even know what the issue is. He is annoying, because he is always arguing for the sake of argument.
See also: argue, of, sake

get into an argument (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and get into an argument (with someone) (over someone or something)
to enter a quarrel with someone about someone or something. I don't want to get into an argument with you about Dan. Mary got into an argument about money with Fred. I really don't want to get into an argument.
See also: argument, get

have an argument (with someone)

to argue with someone. Let's not have an argument with the boss. Tom and John had an argument.
See also: argument, have

pick a quarrel

(with someone) Go to pick a fight (with someone).
See also: pick, quarrel


see under pick a quarrel.

pick a quarrel

Also, pick an argument or fight . Seek an opportunity to quarrel or argue with someone. For example, I don't want to pick a quarrel with you, or Jason was always in trouble for picking fights. These terms use pick in the sense of "select." [Mid-1400s]
See also: pick, quarrel

for the sake of ˈargument

as a starting point for a discussion; to discuss things in theory only: For the sake of argument, let’s say that prices continue to rise by 20 per cent a year.
See also: argument, of, sake

be ˌspoiling for a ˈfight, argument, etc.

want to fight, argue, etc. with somebody very much: Are you spoiling for a fight?The teachers’ union is spoiling for a fight with the Government.
See also: spoil
References in classic literature ?
She looked at him, and from his fixed stare she thought that he must be working out some theory, some argument.
The first argument precedes by assuming determinism from the outset, which Balaguer rightly criticizes for assuming precisely what it means to conclude.
With that in mind, here are what Herring calls the Ten Golden Rules of Argument.
Nagasawa next critiques versions of the argument from concept posses sion against theism.
Aristotle introduced the formal study of argument, Farrell said.
The oral argument is an intense, personal matter between the advocate and the court.
The state charges $500 per argument, which can be up to 325 words.
The typical analysis of oral argument answers this question: "Does oral argument matter?
Much of the writings of William Dembski, Paul Nelson, and other ID supporters, however, emphasize a "filter" version of the argument for design.
Not only does Bailey call for decriminalizing polygamy, she directly links her legal argument on polygamy to same-sex marriage.
It devotes only one paragraph to the extension of term limits, with most of the argument explaining that implementing ethics reform through a City Charter amendment would make it more difficult to change in the future.
Here's a thought: Perhaps bin Laden himself turned to the blogosphere after 9/11, in search of theories and arguments with which he might justify his murderous assault.
Hence, while unusual, it was not really a surprise that the tax case merited a cover story in the Money section of USA Today's March 1 edition--the morning the Supreme Court of the United States held oral argument in the case.
By boldly expanding the geography beyond Europe, the argument invites some new large questions of its own.
There is another side to It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good, however--a serious argument that deserves respectful consideration.