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The defense, which in the first trial had attempted to point the blame to Stewart's former roommate, argued the evidence showed the defendant had shot the victim in a heat of passion after he was attacked and thus was a case of voluntary manslaughter.
The Board of Health argued that not only did pollution give rise to "deadly miasmas" that "contaminate the air," and cause sickness, but it claimed that miasmas also led to the riots in Pittsburgh in 1877.
He argued that the case does not meet legal standards for a stay, which would require some likelihood of overturning the law and evidence that the side seeking the stay is being harmed by the law.
At last December's American Geophysical Union meeting he argued that there may also be a connection between a number of less extensive extinctions and smaller flood basalts.
The IRS argued that since people don't pay for their reputation or emotional well-being, there is no basis and therefore the entire amount received constitutes income.
Second, the employer argued that the phrase "out of and in the course of" employment meant that the exclusion only barred coverage for workers' compensation claims.
Wolf argued that the current EFC formula does not address trends in today's student populations, highlighting the recent growth of nontraditional students.
The California Oak Foundation has argued that the project, on Sierra Highway south of San Fernando Road, would needlessly destroy oak trees.
54, James Madison argued that the clause's language skillfully reflected slavery's "mixt character of person and property.
Kinney argued that Houji displayed peaceful rather than violent skills, performed deeds to assist the society, and survived and thrived through an ordeal.
The federal government argued, however, that it had a "compelling interest" in doing so.
In 2004, Hojun Song of Ohio State University in Columbus argued that New World locusts had traveled to Africa.
Roberts argued for restrictions on the rights of prisoners to litigate their grievances; depicted as 'judicial activism' a lower court's order requiring a sign-language interpreter for a hearing-impaired public school student who had already been given a hearing aid and tutors; and argued for wider latitude for prosecutors and police to question suspects out of the presence of their attorneys.
There, it argued that the laws on the books were not intended to be applied to operational military ranges in this way, citing long-standing past state and federal regulatory interpretation and practice.
By putting together a selection of 18 debates, argued for and against by reputed scholars in the field, Professors Karger and Midgley, and Ms.