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area of influence

A realm, domain, or field over which a person, group, or business has direct control, influence, or clout. It refers to a military term for the geographical area in which a commander has direct military influence. As a literature professor, my primary obligation is to my classes; as head of this department, though, my area of influence extends to all students studying English.
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kiss and cry area

An area in an ice skating rink where figure skaters rest while awaiting their results after a competitive performance. So named because competitors typically celebrate or commiserate (depending on their performance) with coaches, friends, or family in this location. After a terrific performance, Katy is heading to the kiss and cry area to wait with her coach while the judges tally their marks.
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disaster area

1. A location where a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, or storm, occurred. An area designated as such is often the recipient of government aid. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the president declared New Orleans a disaster area and allotted federal funding for the rescue and cleanup efforts.
2. A messy or unclean space. After only a few weeks of living on his own, Adam's apartment looked like a disaster area because he never bothered to clean up after himself.
3. A situation, idea, or plan that is poorly planned or organized. The new economic plan that the senator proposed sounded like a complete disaster area.
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grey area

A concept or topic that is not clearly defined or that exists somewhere between two extreme positions. Primarily heard in Australia. There's a large grey area regarding whether the use of the new surveillance technology is lawful.
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(a) gray area

Fig. an area of a subject or question that is difficult to put into a particular category because it is not clearly defined and may have connections or associations with more than one category. The responsibility for social studies in the college is a gray area. Several departments are involved. Publicity is a gray area in that firm. It is shared between the marketing and design divisions.
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a disaster area

1. if a place is a disaster area, it is very untidy
Usage notes: A disaster area is also a place where an event like a storm or a flood causes serious damage and the government gives help for the emergency.
The kitchen was a disaster area, with greasy plates piled high in the sink.
2. if a subject, a piece of work, or an organization is a disaster area, it causes many problems, often because it is badly organized Government housing policy is a complete disaster area.
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a grey area

  (British & Australian) also a gray area (American)
a subject or problem that people do not know how to deal with because there are no clear rules The legal difference between negligence and recklessness is a bit of a grey area.
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gray area

Indeterminate territory, undefined position, neither here nor there. For example, There's a large gray area between what is legal and what is not. This term, which uses gray in the sense of "neither black nor white" (or halfway between the two), dates only from the mid-1900s.
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