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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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arch dell

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The women of the traveling group remain insular and secretive, led by the arch dell in their pursuits.
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arch doxy

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The beguiling women put on a fantastic show of exotic dance, while their arch doxy secured "donations" from the audience.
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arch rogue

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. While one should be wary of the traveling group, the arch rogue who orchestrates them is especially dangerous.
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arch over

To bend over or form an archway over. This phrase can be applied to people and things, and a noun can be used between "arch" and "over." Arching yourself over like this helps to stretch the back muscles. We all held flowers and arched them over the graduates during the procession. The flowers arched over the happy couple beautifully as they stood before the minister.
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arch (oneself) over

to bend or curve over. (Oneself includes itself.) The tree arched over in the wind. Arch yourself over gracefully and then straighten up. The tree arched itself over in the windstorm.
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arch over someone or something

to bend or curve over someone or something; to stand or remain bent or curved over someone or something. The trees arched gracefully over the walkway. A lovely bower of roses arched over the bride.
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arch something over someone or something

to place something above someone or something to form an arch or archway. The cadets arched their swords over the bridal couple. The willow arched its long drooping branches over the tiny cabin.
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If you're crafty you will find imaginative supplies here; for those of us not so crafty, there are vintage games, archly humorous cards, leather tote bags and wallets.
A recent, if informal, Internet poll listed him as America's worst commander," the author points out archly.
For example, whenever I'm asked about a thorny computer problem, I archly remark, "I can't solve that.
Archly theatrical, it's a stack of stale pizzas after his midnight feast in Paris.
Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of archly sinister Professor Marcus and his four friends, who between them make up the most unlikely group of criminals.
Likewise, Kilimnik's work relishes substitutes and vague approximations not to gesture archly toward the old rubrics of high versus low or the simulated versus the real, but to explore the capaciousness and adaptability of the stuff packed into the cultural landfill site we inhabit right now.
A second picture shows her sitting next to the black-haired man, twisting her head archly towards him.
AS far as propositions for commercial touring theatre productions go, an up-dated version of an archly Modernist 1920s Italian play taking in underage sex, a drowning child and some pretty heavy metatheatrical concepts doesn't immediately spring to mind.
When not archly musing on questions of life and death, the pair's most pressing concerns are those grievances, frustrations, and frictions that have led to their being less than completely comfortable with themselves and each other.
White Lies have received glowing reviews from such UK tastemakers as NME ("The Dark Music never sounded so luminous"), The Fly ("everything about White Lies is tight, ambitious, and deliciously dark"), The Sunday Times ("the best 1980s synth sounds since, well, the 1980s"), and The Guardian ("the sound of archly constructed doom being wrung dry") thanks to To Lose My Life and a handful of buzz singles, such as "Unfinished Business," "Death," "Farewell to the Fairground," and the album's title track.
In particular, he became highly skeptical of archly ideological environmentalism.
One of Britain's most decorated poets as well as a prolific essayist and writer for radio, Sean's first collection of short stories, The Silence Room (published by Comma Press) is a dark, archly gothic ensemble of visions spawned from the vaulted rooms of one particular public library: The Lit and Phil.
The new Prime Minister archly told the House of Commons that "regeneration in the areas for the supercasinos maybe a better way of meeting their economic and social needs.
Most irritating is a musical underscore trying too insistently to sell every scene as archly zany (even when it's not).