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AFA is asking the federal court to order Compass to honor the contract and to comply with its legal duty under the Railway Labor Act to arbitrate these grievances.
Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, , would make any predispute agreement to arbitrate unenforceable as a matter of law.
In Cardegna, the Florida Supreme Court held that a plaintiff may not be compelled to arbitrate his or her claims based on an arbitration clause if at the time there is a claim pending before a Florida trial court that the contract containing the arbitration clause is itself illegal and void ab initio.
The denial of a request to arbitrate is not subject to judicial review.
A Monterey County Superior Court judge sided with the union and ordered the district to arbitrate.
However, the Supreme Court disagreed and found the EEOC had authority to exercise its full enforcement powers, including damages specific to the individual employee, because the employee, not the EEOC, had agreed to arbitrate.
Incorporation by reference: A nonsignatory to an agreement to arbitrate can be compelled to arbitrate, where it has entered into a separate contractual relationship with the signatory to the arbitration agreement that incorporates the existing arbitration clause.
An employee who can show that it would cost him or her much more to arbitrate an employment discrimination claim than to bring it before a court should not be forced into arbitration, even if the employee has signed a contract agreeing to arbitrate employment disputes, a New York federal court recently ruled.
The Labour Relations Board (LRB) sided with unionized teachers who wanted a neutral third party to arbitrate disputes between them and their employer, the diocese.
The factual issues the parties have agreed to arbitrate.
This avoids the need to arbitrate at another time for the right to send the commands and the time transmitting these commands would occupy the loop.
The agreement avoids placing our foreign policy interests before the WTO, an organization designed to facilitate trade, not arbitrate foreign policy disputes,'' U.
We told Sinclair we would arbitrate, and then yesterday, Sinclair said that they declined our consent to arbitrate.
NEW YORK, March 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Three stockbrokers won a resounding victory in the New York State Appellate Division, First Department as the Court found that the Plaintiffs could not be compelled to arbitrate their claims.
Global Banking News-January 24, 2012--Umpqua Bank says consumers should arbitrate disputes(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.