appropriate for

appropriate something for something

1. to allot a certain amount of money for a particular purpose. They will appropriate $10,000 for the exhibit at the fair. A large sum was appropriated for the expenses.
2. Euph. to take something [from someone else] and use it as something else or for a purpose different from what was intended. Walter appropriated a truck for an ambulance. It was necessary to appropriate your laptop for connecting to the Internet.
References in classic literature ?
To sum it up for you--notice I use the word `sum,' which is very appropriate for a bank--the professor has got on the track of another lost or hidden city.
It wasn't quite appropriate for school, but she needn't take it into the room; she would wrap it in a piece of paper, just show it, and carry it coming home.
And I thought it was a ditty rather too dolefully appropriate for a company that had met such cruel losses in the morning.
In general, fixed-price contracts are more appropriate for production contracts where costs are either known or easily predicted, and cost-plus contracts are more appropriate in situations--such as development--where costs are uncertain.
A then determined that a 38% marketability discount was appropriate for an interest in LP.
In addition, Rosch's research in goodness of example category members further supports the development of digital environments appropriate for children.
Specific research topics that would be appropriate for this initiative are described below.
Shel Holtz has delivered a book that is appropriate for professionals who live and breathe communication, as well as executives and novices who are just being introduced to the subject matter.
Implicit in this is that the tests carried out are appropriate for the analytical part of the problem that the customer wishes solved, and that the final report presents the analytical data in such a way that the customer can readily understand it and draw appropriate conclusions.
From the unit's planning stages through today, we have had to respond to several unrealistic family members of residents on other units who earnestly believe that their loved ones are appropriate for the AOS unit.
Again, looking at the liability issues may help clarify what policies are appropriate for different types of staff Clearly, the greater chance there is for inappropriate access to medications by unauthorized people, the greater the liability camp may have if there is a bad outcome.
This method is particularly appropriate for young children and taps into their natural enjoyment of stories and storytelling.
Although this kind of education was appropriate for autocratic kingdoms, empires, and feudal fiefdoms that were constantly at war, it is not appropriate for a democratic and more peaceful society.
Because of Kersey's complaint, a committee of parents, teachers and administrators will convene to read the book and make a recommendation - one that could range from ``it's a perfect book to we don't think it's appropriate for the elementary level or for school,'' said Becky Wetzel, the school district's director of elementary education.
The prescribing patterns of physician peers may not be appropriate for a new, potentially patient driven drug.
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