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appropriate something for something

1. to allot a certain amount of money for a particular purpose. They will appropriate $10,000 for the exhibit at the fair. A large sum was appropriated for the expenses.
2. Euph. to take something [from someone else] and use it as something else or for a purpose different from what was intended. Walter appropriated a truck for an ambulance. It was necessary to appropriate your laptop for connecting to the Internet.
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These changes revised the medication error definition by increasing the focus on appropriate drug delivery technique; assessing medication use through 5 of 24 quality indicators; and expanding the list of medications considered potentially inappropriate for the elderly resident.
5332, or at a rate in excess of the percentage increase provided by the appropriate host nation to its own employees, which is higher.
Whether they reside in women or men, these are all qualities and behaviors appropriate for partnership rather than dominator relations.
Oklahoma is training its adult education professionals to assist students with disabilities in obtaining appropriate documentation to allow for reasonable accommodations during the administration of GED tests.
However, as already noted, there is relatively little clinical information published and the most appropriate use of cox-2 inhibitors may only emerge after their widespread use.
Yet only about half of respondents reported that the strategy and mission of the SPU is set personally by senior management, with a large number stating that progress is hindered by a lack of commitment from senior management and failure to take appropriate follow-up actions.
Hassan Fathy, that great latter-day Morrisian, who tried to re-invent architecture appropriate for the climate of Egypt based on traditional models, accused 'the architect who builds a sort of solar furnace and then brings in a vast refrigerating plant to make it habitable [of] over-simplifying the problem and .
Furthermore] this is not to say that an appropriate (or matching) mental model will always make children more proficient searchers, but it will give them a better chance of understanding the tool they use for searching and why searches might come out the way they do.
An appropriate mark-up is added to the cost, to make an appropriate profit in light of the functions performed (taking into account assets used and risks assumed) and the market conditions.
The appropriate operational commander should notify appropriate personnel in the combatant command, Joint Staff, or OSD if operational effectiveness is being hampered by the lack of an ACSA.
Is the applicant strong in one or more areas of aquatics, and could he or she be certified in the appropriate area before camp starts?
As provided in the CRA, the Board has evaluated the performance of Bank in light of examinations by the appropriate federal supervisor of its CRA performance record.
What Forms to File: A taxpayer that previously elected to waive the carryback period or applied the two-year carryback period, as discussed above, and now wants to use the five-year carryback period must file the appropriate form using the five-year carryback period.
In this way, the latent awareness of the child could emerge, and healthy, appropriate behavior would follow.
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