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apply oneself

To try hard or concentrate one's abilities (toward something). Without the preposition "to," it refers to a concentrated effort in general. I know you think you won't be able to understand this level of math, but you just need to apply yourself, and you'll find success. If we apply ourselves to the problem, we'll find a solution eventually.
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apply for Chiltern Hundreds

To leave one's job/office/post. If members of the British House of Parliament wish to resign from office before the end of their term, they must apply to the honorary post of the "Chiltern Hundreds" (an obsolete administrative district in south-central England). Primarily heard in UK. I can't stand this job's stressful clients and erratic schedule any longer—it's time for me to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds. You better give Mark a raise or something. Otherwise, I think he's going to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds, and then you'll have to fill his position all over again!
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apply oneself to something

to work hard and diligently at something. You should apply yourself to your studies. She applied herself to her work and the time passed very rapidly.
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apply something to something

1. Lit. to put something onto the surface of something. Apply the decal to the surface of the glass. Apply the paint evenly to each surface.
2. Fig. to use something, such as force, effort, etc., on something or in the performance of some task. Apply more effort in your school work. An even greater effort has been applied to make sure we finish on time.
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apply to someone or something

[for rules, laws, etc.] to affect someone or something; to be relevant to someone or something. Does this rule apply to me? These policies apply only to very large companies.
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apply (to someone or something) (for something)

to ask for something from someone or an organization. You must apply to the proper office for permission. I applied to seven colleges for admission.

apply within

to ask about something [inside some place]. (Usually part of a sign or announcement posted outside a place.) The sign outside the office read, "Apply within." If you are interested in working here, please apply within.
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push off

 and shove off
to leave. (As if one were pushing a boat away from a dock.) Well, it looks like it's time to push off. It's time to go. Let's shove off.
See also: off, push

push (oneself) off (on something)

[for someone in a boat] to apply pressure to something on the shore, thus propelling the boat and oneself away. The weekend sailor pushed himself off on the boat he had been moored to. We pushed off on the dock.
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push someone or something off (of) someone or something

 and push someone or something off
to apply pressure to and force someone or something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) He continued to come at me, but I managed to push him off me and escape. I pushed off the attacker.
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push off

to leave The settlers who pushed off for the far west opened the land for farming.
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push off

Also, shove off. Leave, set out, depart, as in The patrol pushed off before dawn, or It's time to shove off. This usage alludes to the literal meaning of a person in a boat pushing against the bank or dock to move away from the shore. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
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apply for

To request or seek some assistance, admission, or employment: At least fifty people applied for the job. I might have to apply for unemployment benefits.
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apply to

1. To attach something to the surface of something: You must apply the glue to the paper sparingly, or else the paper will wrinkle.
2. To put something to some special use: She applied all her income to the mortgage.
3. To be pertinent or relevant to someone or something: This rule applies to everyone; there are no exceptions.
4. To request or seek assistance, admission, or employment from some organization: I will apply to college next year.
5. To devote someone or someone's efforts to something. Used reflexively: In the summer I relaxed, but in the fall I applied myself to my studies.
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push off

1. To shove or thrust something or someone from a place: She climbed up to the roof and pushed off the snow. He pushed a glass off the table, and it shattered.
2. To set out; depart: The infantry patrol pushed off before dawn.
3. To launch or move away by pushing against a surface: I can jump higher when I push off the ground with my left foot. We got in the boat and pushed off from the dock.
See also: off, push
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