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Wall Street Journal distribution will include all Manhattan home and office subscribers and newsstands, plus Miami and Fort Lauderdale home and office subscribers, who will receive Apples to Oranges with their Saturday, November 26th, edition, bringing the total Wall Street Journal circulation to 83,000.
The New York Post will deliver Apples to Oranges to 80,000 home and office subscribers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on Friday, November 18th.
The upcoming issue of Apples to Oranges now adds The Wall Street Journal to its distribution mix.
Apples to Oranges will be available in select Art Basel venues on Miami's South Beach, Design District, and Wynwood Art Districts reaching high-end restaurants, clubs, shopping and entertainment hot spots.
MIAMI, March 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Apples to Oranges magazine, "The Juice of South Florida Living," will make its debut on Friday, April 15th when it gets inserted into the New York Post.
While it is easier for most to compare apples to apples, we are really comparing apples to oranges.
Comparing guns with automobiles is like comparing apples to oranges.
MTA officials ridiculously dismiss that question as one of comparing apples to oranges.
Note: When seeking quotes, be sure to use the same coverage criteria with each firm to avoid comparing apples to oranges.