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append (something) (on)to

To add or attach something on to something else. Please append this footnote to your article. Mother, can you append a fur collar onto my winter coat?
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append something (on)to something

to attach something to something; to hang something onto something. Please append these tassels onto the hem of your coat. Append this sentence to the last paragraph.
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You shouldn't be appending email addresses at the household level.
No matter which side of the fence one is on--the append supporters or append critics--all generally agree that email appending almost always delivers a very favorable ROI, often a remarkable one.
Remain unverified (meaning the appending database could neither confirm firm nor correct the phone number on the record).
Those that do not have phone numbers appended shortly after the NCOA processing should be retried again later (to account for the lag time between moves and new phone numbers making their way to the telephone appending files).
For both appending and ECOA, it was found that quarterly processing more than doubled the above rates on an annual basis.
Second, it enables marketers to budget and track the unparalleled ROI that can be achieved through email appending and ECOA.
The FreshAddress Opt-In Email Appending service requires potential subscribers to actively request "yes, email me.
For details on FreshAddress' Opt-In Email Appending or any of its other services, contact a FreshAddress Professional List Consultant at 617-965-4500
a leading email services provider, released the industry's first benchmark data on email appending and ECOA (Email Change of Address) solutions.
By enabling archiving to DVD media, including double-layer discs, CyberLink PowerBackup provides a range of practical features such as appending or overwriting data on discs, three levels of compression, and password protection.
DQWS is a unique data-entry verification service capable of validating and correcting postal addresses, updating phone area codes, parsing names and appending gender, and spotting fraudulent entries such as vulgar words.
ConsumerPhocus will give clients a better resource for securing new names for acquisition efforts and appending additional information to existing house files.
Enterprises should evaluate their needs for virus and spam protection, message content review or message appending and then devise a strategy that will grow with their needs.