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Reilly, who appeared under the name Mohammad Rashid Saeed Alim, used the internet to research how to make bombs using caustic soda, paraffin and nails.
Beatrice Didier, whose earliest contributions to Senancour studies appeared under the name of Le Gall all but half a century ago, continues to present the results of devoted scholarship.
MUSCLE-MAN: King; appeared under the name of Shadow
REGARDING the letter about Mr Walker (Daily Post Letters, January 28) which appeared under the name Marcus Copeland, I would like to set the record straight.
Jackson, some of her work appeared under the name Laura Riding Jackson.
The report, which appeared under the name of ex-MP Sir John Wheeler, concluded there were no material conflicts of interests, but advised the Jockey Club to focus on its core role of regulation and to take steps to reduce perceptions of conflicts of interest in relation to ownership of RHT.
Magistrates were told Milroy-Sloan, who appeared under the name Nadine Sloan, became involved in an argument with a woman serving food in the takeaway.
But not one word about the Eclipse appeared under the names of the chief correspondents of the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.