appear in

appear in something

1. to be seen in some performance. The singer will appear in the opera with the rest of the chorus. I will appear in Aida.
2. to be seen wearing something. I wouldn't appear in that in public! Would you want to appear in a wrinkled suit?
See also: appear
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Sharukh Hameed, a student of 10th class, shared, "I have to appear in board exams this year and it is the most crucial time of my life on which my future depends but thanks to these insensitive people, my school is still closed.
In addition, it also features rear window louvers, which would appear in the 250 GT TdF model, and headlights without bezels, which were continued on other models.
To see the formula that Excel automatically created, click on Consolidating's B5 and this will appear in the formula bar:
But it can only help that media members who appear in it help carry the message of the fun they had doing it, which will likely encourage others to see it for themselves.
Of those men, nearly 13,000 were issued notices to appear in immigration court.
The proposals for student visas also will appear in the Federal Register and be subject to the same process of review as the other measures.
Our online calendar is interactive, so you can get a password and enter your events yourself they'll appear in New Life Events online immediately
Those few individuals who do appear in the images manage to destabilize what would otherwise be a fairly classical depiction of verdant pastures and rolling hills.
26) The emissaries also appear in a fresco commemorating their visit at the Teatro Olinipico in Vicenza and in a fresco of the coronation of Sixtus V in the Vatican Library.
Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players are also starting to appear in the market with CSR at the heart of Samsung's first Bluetooth MP3 player, the T9.
Depending on how you or your technology staff installed Excel on your PC, Solver may or may not appear in your drop-down Tools menu.
Since he first began to appear in group shows twenty years ago, Dunham's singular use of process in the deployment of color and drawing has made him the odd man out in discussions of recent American painting.
Thanks to this server-side network protocol compatibility, the PostPath Server is the first Exchange alternative to be able to drop into an existing Exchange organization, the first to interoperate with the server-to-server functions of already-deployed Exchange servers, including cross-server free-busy, to enable co-existence and gradual migration, the first to provide full-featured Outlook interoperability without the need for plug-ins, connectors, or reconfiguration, the first to appear in the Active Directory(TM) management tools as though it were an Exchange server, and the first to interoperate directly with unmodified Exchange ecosystem applications such as Blackberry Enterprise Server(TM).
All other products and brand names as they appear in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
Thomerson will also appear in person at helloNetwork.