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We will not allow any one else to appear as law does not allow any one other to do so, CJP said.
It's designed to appear as a personal message when it is really an ad," they groused.
This coupled with the Jeode platform's unique Java acceleration technology, means that Java programmers can create applications for the SL-5000D that both perform and appear as compelling as those written in traditional compiled languages.
The MSS implemented virtualization by making the physical storage, actually robotically retrieved helical scan tapes, appear as rotating magnetic disk drives to the operating system.
Other distant space objects would also appear as a single dot on the superimposed pictures.
3) Garry Shandling is joined by Sally Field for a scene in ``The Larry Sanders Show,'' on which celebrities often appear as themselves.
Such words appear as though they have been "pulled down" from the top-level menu.
Each member AS can be managed as before, with its familiar processes, policies and tools, while the combined network will appear as a single AS to the rest of the Internet.
Dennis Spears will perform the songs of Cole, Wanda Lewis will sing the Holiday hits, Janice Miller will perform Cline's tunes and Eddie Hughes will appear as Presley.
Such schemes typically involve emails in which the "From" portion of the email envelope is spoofed to appear as if it was coming from someone within the organization.