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be an apology for

To be a poor example of a certain thing. That skinny kid is an apology for a linebacker. I gave you a low grade because the drivel you submitted was an apology for a real paper!
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make no apologies for (something)

To be firm in one's conviction that one's beliefs or actions are correct or acceptable. I'm always open to suggestions and criticisms, but I'll make no apologies for the way I've run this business over the past 25 years.
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make no apology for (something)

To be firm in one's conviction that one's beliefs or actions are correct or acceptable. I'm always open to suggestions and criticisms, but I'll make no apology for the way I've run this business over the past five years.
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with apologies to

1. Used to indicate that something is a parody or improper adaptation of someone or their work. You just need to face it that young people today don't put any value in that anymore—with apologies to Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin'.
2. Used to indicate that someone or something is not included in what one is about to say. With apologies to Hendrikson, who has always brought great energy and effort onto the field, this team has done little to warrant anyone's attention or respect.
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an apology for

a very poor example of.
1998 Imogen de la Bere The Last Deception of Palliser Wentwood It's an apology for a bridge, built of left-over stones.
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with apologies to

used before the name of an author or artist to indicate that something is a parody or adaptation of their work.
2001 This Old House With apologies to Robert Frost, boundary expert Walter Robillard says, ‘Good fences on the proper line make good neighbours’.
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an apology for something

a very poor example of something: I’m sorry this is a bit of an apology for lunch — we’ll have a proper meal tonight.
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make no aˈpology/aˈpologies for something

if you say that you make no apology/apologies for something, you mean that you do not feel that you have said or done something wrong: Having grown up in the north of the country, I make no apologies for saying that people there are more friendly than people in the south.
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The court remarked according to this reply when you have not committed any mistake then apology for what.
Justice Khosa said that word 'apology' is not in his statement, adding apology is used in the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 and unless that word is not included in the statement they could not consider it.
these were the words your client used for apology, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa asked Mr.
Mr Keorapetse had asked the minister to explain on the pardoning of the then four suspended judges by President Khama or their apology.
The comedian then explained that the delays to his apology came about because of his concert engagement in South Korea.
The CEO of the Building Society not only offered his apology but he supported that by sending me a large food hamper.
However, it seems that Obama will not be waiting for an apology that will never come from the Japanese, merely because the Japanese believe that they have suffered more than the Americans from the aforementioned incidents.
As apologies come they also invite comparison, and two recent high-profile apologies highlight differences between East and West: On the cusp of the New Year, Japan's hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a surprising, yet highly specific apology for sex slavery in Korea before and during World War II.
The Apologies (Scotland) Bill removes a legal barrier to individuals and organisations apologising for a mistake, by preventing the apology being used as evidence of liability in most civil legal proceedings.
I am the one to blame," blurted director Cameron Crowe in a prototypical apology for a controversial casting decision he made for his latest movie "Aloha.
39) Hospitals that have instituted full-disclosure apology policies have also enjoyed the less tangible, but valuable, benefits of positive publicity, customer satisfaction, and goodwill.
Following the goals of CCSARP such as determining the fundamental universalities in addition to the culture-specificity of applying speech act sets, the authors of this study attempt to extract and categorize apology strategies in Sarawani Balochi, a dialect of Balochi which has not been studied yet in the case of its speech acts.
Apologise DO not hesitate or wait Or your apology may be too late Be precise and quite clear As an apology needs to sound sincere Make your apology polite and brief You could save yourself a lot of grief It may take courage to apologise It needs to be said if you are wise A public apology covers one and all And maybe it could save your downfall Both by G McLANDERS
A BAD day for First Minister Carwyn Jones was compounded by an embarrassing gaffe in First Minister's Questions - which forced him into a second apology to opposition leader Andrew RT Davies.
Jonah Hill seems to be on an apology tour as he goes from "The Howard Stern Show" to "The Tonight Show" for his apology on his recent scandal - using a gay slur with a paparazzo.