apologize for

apologize (to someone) for (someone)

to make an apology to someone for someone else's actions. Would you please apologize to Wally for Tom? I apologized for Frank to the hostess. I had to apologize for Frank. I had to apologize to the hostess. He was never able to apologize to himself for his past errors.
References in classic literature ?
AS a preface is the only place where an author can with propriety explain a purpose or apologize for shortcomings, I venture to avail myself of the privilege to make a statement for the benefit of my readers.
I apologize for mentioning him, even in an accidental way.
Make a pan of rusks and apologize for having no old bread," suggested the Story Girl, probably by way of teasing Felicity.
The Family Guide says we should never apologize for things we can't help.
If my poor Flatland friend retained the vigour of mind which he enjoyed when he began to compose these Memoirs, I should not now need to represent him in this preface, in which he desires, firstly, to return his thanks to his readers and critics in Spaceland, whose appreciation has, with unexpected celerity, required a second edition of his work; secondly, to apologize for certain errors and misprints (for which, however, he is not entirely responsible); and, thirdly, to explain one or two misconceptions.
I must apologize for detaining you so long," I said.
I congratulate myself -- I apologize for occupying your valuable time -- I beg my renewed acknowledgments -- I wish you good-morning.
Henry Tilney," with the embarrassment of real sensibility began to apologize for his appearance there, acknowledging that after what had passed he had little right to expect a welcome at Fullerton, and stating his impatience to be assured of Miss Morland's having reached her home in safety, as the cause of his intrusion.
He spoke so gravely, and what he said was so easy to believe, that I could not but apologize for my hasty words.
Allow me to apologize for the Giant," said the Scarecrow, raising the Patchwork Girl to her feet and dusting her skirt with his stuffed hands.
Miss de Sor, allow me to apologize for the mean manner in which this school is carried on; the knives and forks are counted and locked up every night)--I say take that pair of scissors, Cecilia, and carve the cake, and don't keep the largest bit for yourself.
Germaine, and begs to apologize for the somewhat abrupt manner in which he received Mr.
He furthermore took occasion to apologize for any negligence that might be perceptible in his dress, on the ground that last night he had had 'the sun very strong in his eyes'; by which expression he was understood to convey to his hearers in the most delicate manner possible, the information that he had been extremely drunk.
When I tell you that I have fifty- eight new letters from manufacturing families anxious to understand the details of the native and coffee-cultivation question this morning, I need not apologize for having very little leisure.
We do not need to apologize for an issue over which we are right," Cavusoglu said during his official visit to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.