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apologize (to someone) for (someone)

to make an apology to someone for someone else's actions. Would you please apologize to Wally for Tom? I apologized for Frank to the hostess. I had to apologize for Frank. I had to apologize to the hostess. He was never able to apologize to himself for his past errors.
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Shaftari, the first public figure to apologize since the war, hopes his voice will be heard as a `unique path out from the Lebanese catastrophe' and as a contribution to healing wounds in himself and in others.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- With Vice President Al Gore refusing to apologize for his campaign manager's racial broadsides, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee has an alternative suggestion -- send Gore's "loose cannon-aide to the same shrinks treating Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker" for his racially-charged outbursts.
For them to step up and apologize is an act of humiliation that's entirely warranted.
I humbly apologize to anyone the remarks may have offended.
John Wayne, the one-time USC footballer, appearing in the movie ``The Searchers,'' once uttered the line: ``Never apologize for anything.
He had not expected to feel as he did and decided to apologize to the West Africans for the American role in slavery.
In a letter to the Daily News, Romer said he called Gina Park, the student body president at Fairfax High, to apologize for his defensive behavior on Tuesday which embarrassed school board members who had invited Park to speak.
Sugihara, "As foreign minister, I apologize to you and other relatives for the long neglect (non-recognition of Sugihara) and will see that his achievements are known to future generations".
It's surprising that the Philadelphia Inquirer would apologize to readers about an ad providing information about international family planning.
We are sorry for embarrassing this man, and we attempted to apologize.
Hildebrand said Moss would call Lancaster on Monday to apologize.
I want to apologize to every American,'' he said, ``including those I named.
The statement goes on to say De La Hoya personally called Arum to apologize.
If Knight is going to follow through on his promise to apologize to those he has wronged, he should have wasted no time getting started.