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be an apology for

To be a poor example of a certain thing. That skinny kid is an apology for a linebacker. I gave you a low grade because the drivel you submitted was an apology for a real paper!
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make no apologies

to believe that what you have done is acceptable Browner makes no apologies for his performance as manager so far, but also says there is always room for improvement.
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be an apology for something

to be a very bad example of something That old thing is an apology for a car.
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References in classic literature ?
At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, a haughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign was the reply of Aramis.
Annabella had got to the end of her stock of apologies, and had come to see me.
The Cat replied, "Although you abound in specious apologies, I shall not remain supperless"; and he made a meal of him.
She lifted it, and made her apologies for disturbing the gentlemen over their wine, with the unaffected ease and grace of a highly-bred woman.
She had a preoccupied look, and she made her apologies for being late rather absently.
If the apologies and remorse are perceived to be sincere, an offendee may be obligated by social norms to conclude that the offender's suffering merits relief from sanctions.
Blackwater said he didn't feel anything when he heard the Indian Affairs minister offer her apologies.
Apology legislation means that apologies made by, or on behalf of, a business no longer constitute an admission of fault or liability," said Michael Smith, a lawyer at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) who specializes in defamation and product liability law.
Problematically, this apology privileges the abstract cultural guilt felt by non-aboriginal Australians over the actual crimes committed against aboriginals but valuably, it does identify the potential for healing and reconciliation presented by officialised apologies.
Clinton took off from Andrews Air Force Base and while over the Atlantic, she received word: the apologies were off.
The researchers used an experiment to examine how people think about apologies.
Kan's statement contains elements that could be perceived as being more sincere in terms of repentance than the apologies of former Japanese prime ministers.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Results from a national media study among 1,090 Americans revealed that Tiger Woods' apology for his extramarital affairs was ranked second among other celebrity apologies in 2009 and 2010.
But, for those who like to seek apologies I ask you to join the following three campaigns.
The 20 articles it collects go some ways towards filling this gap, looking at apologies by Western states and non-state institutions (such as corporations, universities, and the Catholic Church) from a variety of perspectives.