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There were the little faces of the children, peeping from their bed apart and here the father's frame of strength, the mother's subdued and careful mien, the high-browed youth, the budding girl, and the good old grandam, still knitting in the warmest place.
If some of the others were set apart, might not they be beautiful?
Fogg apart, and said, "sir"--this "sir" scorched his lips, and he had to control himself to avoid collaring this "gentleman"--"sir, you have been very kind to give me a passage on this boat.
If that can be done for him, what stops us from doing same for Achebe and other literary icons,' Chair, Local Organising Committee of the Things Fall Apart @ 60 celebrations in Nigeria, Dr.
The 2150 Acela Express Train cars broke apart around 11:20 a.
Thin gloves to protect hands when prying components apart
Rosalind Lim, Art Apart Fair's founder and director, describes Filipino art as 'a fusion of Western artistic composition, content, design and technique coupled with the feel of exotic and meticulous Eastern touch.
This will break apart the stream and make two streams.
The treatments consisted of three cutting schedules with cutting time of 28 days (C1) after first harvest, 35 days (C2) after first harvest and 42 days (C3) after first harvest; using three seeding rates 10 (S1), 15 (S2) and 20 kg ha-1 (S3) and four sowing methods which were line sowing at 30 cm apart rows (R1), 45 cm apart rows (R2), 60 cm (R3) apart rows and broadcast (R0).
John says: "Poles Apart examines the role of the theatre in the life of the working man and the role of the working man in the life of the theatre.
They do things such as take something electrical apart, wire a plug, email a computer company asking about programming, work with a partner to take apart a camera and create new uses for the "stuff" they have taken apart.
And how do you make sure you don't drift apart again every time the going gets tough?
aIn order for GERB to fall apart, I have to fall apart.
The common assumption is that people who choose not to live with their partner are either wealthy celebrity couples - such as Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton - or are professional couples forced to live apart because of their jobs.
In conjunction with the acquisition, Six Apart is shutting down its Vox blogging network.