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anoint (someone/oneself) with

To touch someone or oneself with a liquid (such as oil or water). The phrase often retains its religious connotations. They will anoint my baby with chrism during her baptism today. To alleviate the inflammation in my leg, I have to anoint myself with this special cream every day.
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anoint someone with something

to pour or rub oil on a person's head as an honor or blessing; to put a liquid onto oneself. (Mostly in biblical references.) They anointed the king with oil and praised him greatly. He anointed himself with a menthol rub that was meant to help his cold symptoms.
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Our Lady of Good Hope celebrates the anointing of the sick during Mass about twice a year.
Few other Gospel texts have been as clear a victim of mangled interpretation and tradition as the story of the anointing woman.
The early church understood the anointing of the sick as a sacramental act.
The gesture of anointing with oil links the woman to the ministry of the disciples in chapter 6 (6:13) where they are designated apostles for the first time (6:7).
In a series of influential contributions Gabriele Winkler pioneered new ways of looking at the evidence by arguing that the Syrian rite had originally emphasized the pre-baptismal anointing of the head only as the crucial part of the rite, which was an imitation of the kingly/sacerdotal anointing of Jesus at his baptism, marking the gift of the Spirit and inaugurating his Messianic kingship.
A Call for All Christians to Claim God's Anointing and Miracle Working Power
With long strips of toilet paper draped for a stole around her shoulders, she proceeded with the anointing, the ex-treme unction, which was how we pronounced it.
And though anointing Manuel the next Michael Jordan is perhaps a stretch, Manuel's ability to come through the way he did in the A.
At the end of the pilgrimage he received the anointing of the sick in the shrine's esplanade.
6) Further, there is the anointing with the Spirit at the Jordan.
The two essays dealing with initiation and anointing contain the interesting suggestion that the early Syrian and Armenian practice of prebaptismal rather than postbaptismal anointing was influenced by Levi's vision of a rite of priestly ordination which included an anointing, washing, the taking of bread and wine, and the investiture in a linen robe (Testament of Levi, 8.
West's classic multi-platinum debut, The College Dropout, was nominated for 10 Grammys and earned him three - including "Best Rap Song' for his anthem "Jesus Walks" anointing him among music's elite.
The anointing of the sick, like all sacraments, is one way that the church continues the ministry of Jesus.
Anointing with chrism as a symbol for ministry goes back all the way to the Old Testament.
There is a sense of the future tumbling in upon us as we hear Isaiah pointing hopefully across the desert; as we hear Paul waving the church at Philippi forward, leaving behind all their extra baggage; and as we see Mary anointing Jesus for events that will change the world.