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scare the hell out of (one)

To shock or frighten one very suddenly and/or severely. Don't sneak up on me like that, you scared the hell out of me! That car accident seems to have scared the hell out of Janet—she's still shaken by it.
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scare, annoy, etc. the ˈhell out of somebody

(informal) scare, annoy, etc. somebody very much: The sight of a man with a gun scared the hell out of her.Louise suddenly surprised the hell out of us by announcing that she was pregnant!
See also: hell, of, out, somebody
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Basically, if someone files a complaint under the SOX act accusing the president of a public company of wrongdoing and the president believes it was sent to annoy him, the accuser can be thrown in jail for two years under the 'annoy' law.
Without any guidance on what 'annoy' might encompass or how one would define and determine an 'intent to annoy,' the statute unconstitutionally chills protectable anonymous speech.
On ``Crossing Jordan,'' Lorraine Toussaint (Lifetime's ``Any Day Now'') joins the fun as an aggressive coroner who lives just to annoy medical examiner Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy), who lives just to annoy us.
We asked, what type of colleague annoys you the most?
GENESIS star Phil Collins has admitted he was "too cocky" on stage and annoys himself when he watches his past performances.
Sometimes when my sister annoys me I get really angry and I hit her.
She has stayed friends with his family, too, which annoys me.
DRIVERS who refuse to thank other motorists for giving way to them annoys more people than bullying bus drivers, middle-lane motorway hoggers and mobile phone users, it was revealed.
Julie: He has a bit of a temper, but there's nothing that annoys me.
If technology annoys you, I highly recommend shooting it to death.
Why on earth do we do it when it seriously annoys so many people and makes our urban roads and streets so ugly?
So nothing annoys me more than when I see the kids' spaces being abused.
Particularly if one of the things that annoys you is newspaper columnists who Lassume everyone has a computer.
What driving behavior of other people annoys you the most?