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annex (something) to

To legally join tracts of land. In order to make such drastic renovations to your home, you'll need to annex more land to your lot.
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annex something to something

[for a governmental body of a town or city] to attach a parcel of land onto an existing parcel of land through legal proceedings. The village annexed some adjacent land to itself. The adjoining lot was annexed to the site to allow for a bigger building.
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annex to something

[for the owner of a parcel of land] to have land attached to an adjacent town or city. Our community doesn't want to annex to Adamsville. The town voted to annex to the neighboring city of Smithton.
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Part 4: Software for the Faculty of Electronics, Automation and computer science - in accordance with the detailed description of the contract annexed hereto No.
Part 5: Software for the Promotion and Culture Section - according to the specifications of the contract annexed hereto No.
Part 9: Software for the Institute of Innovation Processes and Products - according to the specifications of the contract annexed hereto No.
The annexed area's annual water demand is expected to total approximately 6,000 acre-feet.
Lari Sheehan, assistant administrative officer for the county's chief administrative officer, said Valencia Marketplace won't be annexed until the owner expresses an interest in it.
Before the Valencia Marketplace or Stevenson Ranch could be annexed to the city of Santa Clarita, the county and city would need to agree on a property tax sharing plan.
Through a company spokeswoman, Mevorach declined comment on whether he would want Valencia Marketplace annexed into Santa Clarita.
Annexation supporters said there are still several issues to work out, including the borders of the annexed area, the future of a county park in Stevenson Ranch and cable service.
Under current law, an annexed area must be contiguous with the annexing city.
Typically, developments are built under county supervision and eventually annexed into the city.
The impact of the Woodridge development on the city's ability to absorb new students apparently was fumbled badly by the school district, which annexed the property from the Simi Valley School District.
There is no apparent benefit to Thousand Oaks residents for the city to have annexed vacant county land and facilitate its conversion into a 252-home development.