annex to

annex (something) to

To legally join tracts of land. In order to make such drastic renovations to your home, you'll need to annex more land to your lot.
See also: annex

annex something to something

[for a governmental body of a town or city] to attach a parcel of land onto an existing parcel of land through legal proceedings. The village annexed some adjacent land to itself. The adjoining lot was annexed to the site to allow for a bigger building.
See also: annex

annex to something

[for the owner of a parcel of land] to have land attached to an adjacent town or city. Our community doesn't want to annex to Adamsville. The town voted to annex to the neighboring city of Smithton.
See also: annex
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Framework Agreement / lot 1 - the Annex to specifications
subsequent contract / lot 1 - the Annex to specifications
Framework Agreement / lot 2 - the Annex to specifications
subsequent contract / lot 2 - the Annex to specifications
Framework Agreement / lot 3 - in the Annex to specifications
subsequent contract / lot 3 - in the Annex to specifications
Framework Agreement / lot 4 - the Annex to specifications
CASTAIC - Castaic and West Ranch residents will meet with city and county officials this week to consider options for their area: remain unincorporated, annex to Santa Clarita or form a new city.
In addition to completing the filing process to allow Systems Annex to begin trading its stock, PUBC will also provide compliance services to help the company maintain its regulatory responsibilities as a public company.
Golden Valley Ranch officials say their commercial and residential development would benefit the rural Placerita Chaparral neighborhood because it would provide the land link to allow Placerita to annex to the city of Santa Clarita.
Equipment and service providers need not risk making a costly choice of which Annex to support; Tioga chipsets feature mode selectable software allowing the mix of services to be changed dynamically after deployment.
Annex to the tender form is: Annex 2, Appendix 2A, Appendix 2B, Appendix 2C, Appendix 2D, 2E Annex, specifying the detailed description of the contract (Forms pricing), corresponding to the part on which the tender is submitted.
The Network Boot feature allows a Remote Annex to boot and read configuration information directly from an NT server.
Total quantity or scope: position 1 of the Annex to C.
On March 28, 2014Polski Koncern Naftowy (PKN ORLEN) updated that PKN ORLEN and Rosneft Oil Company, Moscow, Russia, inked an annex to the agreement dated June 21, 2013, for REBCO crude oil deliveries to Unipetrol RPA s.