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mad enough to chew nails (and spit rivets)

 and angry enough to chew nails; mad enough to spit nails
Inf. Fig. very angry, as if to be able to bite through metal nails. I am mad enough to chew nails! Who took my checkbook? Her sudden tirade made him angry enough to chew nails. He stomped in, mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets.
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wax angry

 and wax wroth
Fig. to speak in anger and with indignity. Seeing the damage done by the careless children caused the preacher to wax wroth at their parents.
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angry young man

a young man who feels and expresses anger at the conventional values of the society around him.
Originally, this term referred to a member of a group of socially conscious writers in Britain in the 1950s, in particular the playwright John Osborne. The phrase, the title of a book ( 1951 ) by Leslie Paul , was used of Osborne in the publicity material for his play Look Back in Anger ( 1956 ), in which the characteristic views of the angry young men were articulated by the anti-hero Jimmy Porter .
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At least that's what Men's Health magazine says, in ranking the angriest cities in America.
Sometimes the worst anger and feelings are always inside and I can guarantee you that it was one of the most angriest of days.
Compelling in its blunt eloquence, guardedly optimistic even at its angriest and most disappointed, Baldwin's 1962 reflections on the state of the black man in America is one of the most important works to have arisen from the heart of the Civil Rights Movement.
It's hard to imagine that Judge Freedman's ruling won't be overturned, but if it's not, the angriest people in California will be teenagers.
NEW YORK, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Republican congressman Tom Tancredo has become the loudest, angriest voice against the estimated 11 million illegal aliens now living in the United States.
In 2000, the New Yorker congratulated Sue Williams on her metamorphosis from "the angriest woman in the art world" to a "sort of blissed-out innocent," a feminist turned formalist (as if these terms were mutually exclusive) who nonetheless was still resigned to playing "Ginger Rogers" to Willem de Kooning's "Fred Astaire.
churches should "firmly" resist the call to withdraw from the council, which is "intended to appease the angriest voices in the communion.
I realize I have hurt my cousin in a way that I would not have intended at my angriest moment.
s life in Port-Royal spans the angriest years of official responses to Jansenism.
He calls the book "the angriest tract in favour of non-violence that I have ever read.
Last year, when Ontario wanted Toronto to merge with its environs into a giant, New York-style megalopolis, she was one of the plan's angriest opponents, at one point suggesting the city consider seceding from the province.
The angriest, meanest ass-kicking letters we get from the public every week.
Coyne, who writes a column in the Southam newspaper chain, also criticized the notion that "whoever is angriest wins.
Reed may be the angriest brother on the left, but he has a very sensitive radar for political cant.