angle off

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angle off (to or toward something)

to turn or move toward something at an angle. The road angles off to the right. The sailboat angled off toward the direction the wind was blowing.
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Lovely angle off Beck for try proved he is natural finisher.
When Tait took the ball to the line, desperate for someone to cut an angle off him, no one could offer themselves one last time - and when the full-back hit the deck he was turned over in the tackle.
Alas, the ball bounced at an angle off the center field wall and into the bleachers for a ground rule double, and that cost Boston a run.
Then Danny Jones and substitute scrum-half Matthew Hutcheon combined with Howells and it was Hodges who cut a fine angle off his wing to scythe through the defence for an excellent score that Howells converted.
Mendes tried to help himself to one with a magnificent shot from a tight angle off the outside of his right boot which Fraser had to scramble a save.
Focus on breaking your wrists almost immediately in the take-away - this creates a steep angle off attack which is necessary to send the ball quickly into the air.
He said: 'I tried to force a bit of an angle off the black and just took my eye off the shot.
The second shot is at an angle off the fairway,into a narrow valley with the green at the end.
I just explained that I'd taken loads of photos from every different angle off the internet.
The same stimulation parameters were used in the sham-treated patients, but with them, the coil was placed at an angle off the skull, so they never received the current.
On the north side of Mauna Kea, it's advisable to angle off on Highway 240 through the appealing plantation town of Honokaa, with its frontier storefronts and plank sidewalks, for a run out to the Waipio Lookout.
The first is straight and level and the fighter pilots provide their own angle off the target.
Use protractor to lay out seven 20 1/2-inch rafters with 15 [degrees] angle off vertical at both ends on two of the fir 2-by-4s (see sketch).