an uphill battle

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an uphill battle/fight/struggle

  also an uphill job/task
if something you are trying to do is an uphill struggle, it is very difficult, often because other people are causing problems for you Environmentalists face an uphill struggle convincing people to use their cars less. We're trying to expand our business, but it's an uphill battle.
See also: battle, uphill
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New entrants face an uphill struggle to compete in the French gas market
The Seagulls were faced by an uphill struggle on 13 minutes as an Oli Johnson header crept inside the post while, in the second half, Wayne Brooksby scored from a free-kick.
HAVING coughed up points in their opening two home games, Louth face an uphill struggle as they go to Newry tonight.
It is certainly starting to look like an uphill struggle.
Despite boasting seven wins in Monaco, Mercedes driver Schumacher knows he faces an uphill struggle to clinch a strong points finish in nine days' time.
It was always an uphill struggle after they lost the home leg last week and, although Kenwyne Jones will look back on two glorious first-half chances, it is Valencia who deservedly go on to a last-16 meeting with PSV Eindhoven.
A 25-strong crowd was always going to make it an uphill struggle but even with a packed room it's hard to imagine songs like Winters Garden, Delay and Jealous, Don't You Know It making much of an impact.
A YOUNG Michelle Pfeiffer leaves military life behind to re-train as a teacher, but faces an uphill struggle to earn her pupils' respect when she is assigned a class of under-achievers.
We were three goals down in the first 15 minutes and it was an uphill struggle from that point".
Owners Jonathan Davies and Jacquie Noot bought the 30-bedroom property four years ago, but it''s been an uphill struggle ever since.
HEALTH chiefs have admitted they face an uphill struggle to contain outbreaks of swine flu at Warwickshire schools.
They deliver a vital service and are a friendly face that many rely on but many face an uphill struggle to survive.
But he dropped six shots in the opening five holes to leave himself with an uphill struggle just to get back up the leaderboard.
THE CHEETAHS face an uphill struggle tomorrow morning against the high-flying Blues and even the general 20-point headstart they receive may not be enough.
My whole life has been an uphill struggle to cope with the unfairness of being a seven stone, luminously beautiful brunette who ended up something else.