an uphill battle

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an uphill battle/fight/struggle

  also an uphill job/task
if something you are trying to do is an uphill struggle, it is very difficult, often because other people are causing problems for you Environmentalists face an uphill struggle convincing people to use their cars less. We're trying to expand our business, but it's an uphill battle.
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The Wearsiders now face an uphill fight to finish runners-up and qualify for the Champions League, their last two games against Arsenal and title favourites Chelsea.
Therefore, any land operation against ISIL inside Syria will be an uphill fight for the Turkish military.
It's an uphill fight against an entrenched competitor with millions of disposable tanks sold every year.
Craig said, adding that he knew he had an uphill fight with Mr.
He particularly recognized that BTM is facing an uphill fight against past perceptions and the need for modernizing the business.
Gillibrand and Boxer face an uphill fight in the Senate, with many lawmakers reluctant to embrace it because of opposition by the military, which argues with no justification that the change would undermine discipline and cohesion.
Alonso always knew he faced an uphill fight to claim victory, so was at least content enough with second.
a[umlaut]a[umlaut]Pickett said any bill that relaxes sentencing guidelines would face an uphill fight in an environment where legislators want to be seen as tough on crime.
But he faces an uphill fight to get his name top of the list.
Sarkozy, the first incumbent in half a century to be bested in the initial vote, now faces an uphill fight for reelection.
Summary: WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama challenged Congress on Thursday to enact a $447 billion package of tax cuts and new spending to revive a stalled job market but he faces an uphill fight to win over Republicans and restore public faith in his economic stewardship.
JOBLESS PROBLEM Obama unveiled a $447 bln package of tax cuts and new spending to revive a stalled job market but he faces an uphill fight with Republicans.
We lost two quick goals and after that it was an uphill fight.
But political strategists said the 67-year-old Gingrich -- already mounting an uphill fight for the Republican nomination -- now faces nearly insurmountable obstacles.
But the ref insisted it was a goal-scoring chance and it left my boys with an uphill fight.