an old hand

an old hand

One who has experience doing a particular task. If you have any questions, ask Andrea—she's done this job before and is an old hand at filing. I've been a bus driver for seven years, so I'm an old hand at this.
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old hand (at doing something)

someone who is experienced at doing something. The maid was an old hand at polishing silver. Bob is an old hand at training dogs.
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an old hand

COMMON If someone is an old hand at something, they have a lot of experience of doing it. Bryce is an old hand at this kind of project, having moved house six times in ten years. Whether you're a beginner or an old hand, these two new books will help you enjoy this satisfying craft. Note: You can describe someone as an older hand when you are comparing them with someone who is less experienced. The 11 who take on England will be a mix of youngsters and older hands.
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an old ˈhand (at something/at doing something)

a person who is very experienced at something: Pete’s an old hand at negotiating our contracts — he’s been at the firm nearly twenty years, so he knows all the procedures. OPPOSITE: (still) wet behind the ears
See also: hand, old

old hand

See also: hand, old
References in classic literature ?
I took them off with all the coolness of an old hand, and then I placed him on my knee and removed his blouse.
He had a sense of humor, and later on, when he became an old hand, he used to think it fun to board a streetcar and see what happened.
The shepherd is an old hand, and up to all the dodges.
Smart hurdler Coneygree, a halfbrother to 2011 Hennessy Gold Cup winner Carruthers, jumped like an old hand to lift the Grade 2 novice chase won in the past by Gold Cup winners Bobs Worth and Denman in which the 11-10 shot Saphir Du Rheu unshipped Sam Twiston-Davies at the seventh.
Knitted on modern machinery, the design is inspired by an old hand frame knitted creation in the Shetland style and features a fleur de lis pattern and hand- finished scalloped edge with a wide patterned border.
He's an absolute natural and jumps like an old hand.
The spokesman added: "A member of the public had apparently found an old hand grenade and decided to bring it into the station.
A BOMB disposal team rushed to a derelict shed after an old hand grenade was found yesterday.
Velasco is an old hand, having participated in governments since the left returned to power in 1990.
AN old hand at meeting queens, Prince Charles this week paid a trip to Llanddewi Brefi, the tiny Welsh village made famous by the Little Britain character Daffyd 'I'm the only gay in this village' Thomas.
But director Dan Curtis (The Winds of War) is an old hand at shuffling multiple story lines.
Jumping like an old hand and staying on strongly, he has plenty of scope for improvement and will relish the extra distance here.
Evans is an old hand at the Brits - he hosted the music event in 1995 and 1996.
This is not the first time Wales has enjoyed a flurry of interest after being mentioned on TV - and cook Delia Smith is an old hand at making Welsh produce sell out.
It was excellent advice from an old hand who was as much responsible for the successful return of everyone as Lt.