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AN OLD chestnut tree which was set to be felled to make way for a Tesco development has been granted a reprieve until further notice.
sorry to bring up an old chestnut, but what's your take on spraying runner bean flowers with water?
The message that appearance is less important than substance and loyalty is an old chestnut, but its treatment is cleverly done in this version.
At the same time, that old favourite, despite being on the verge of becoming an old chestnut, education, education, education remains the key.
The play is an old chestnut, to be sure, but in this company's hands, it's more satisfying than mere comfort food.
This is an old chestnut known as the David Rhodes letter, which has resurfaced this summer and hundreds of you are asking us about it.
As Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney reported to Congress in July 1991, "I think there have been times in the past when [opposition to gays in the military] has been generated on the notion that somehow there was a security risk involved, although I must say I think that is a bit of an old chestnut.
Two seasons later, with an old chestnut of a choice and potentially even less name talent, will audiences still come?
An old chestnut getting a kinetic update is Fountain, 1993, wherein Pranger conjoins Duchamp's meditations on another piece of utilitarian ceramicware with Meret Oppenheim's 1936 Object.
In his program introduction, Pasadena artistic director Sheldon Epps explains that he's not going to apologize for the Playhouse offering an old chestnut, despite the naysayers who said, ``That play again