an old bag

old bag

A frustrating, irritating woman. Ugh, what is that old bag complaining about today?
See also: bag, old

an old ˈbag

(disapproving, offensive) an annoying and unpleasant woman: Some old bag came in here complaining that we’d charged her too much.
See also: bag, old
References in classic literature ?
So I shut him in the porch, with an old bag to lie on, and went to bed.
He is the founder of Isis" White House hopeful Donald Trump accuses the US President of founding the Islamic State group "Most people think of Victoria as an old bag in a bonnet, don't they?
Lord Provost Donald Wilson has launched this year's Lunch with an Old Bag - a title aimed at challenging unfair labels - with a drinks reception at the City Chambers.
Janet Street-Porter revealed she made her partner carry a rucksack for supplies - well he must be used to dealing with an old bag.
If you donate an old bag to the Osprey store you receive 20% off a new one.
The ivory canvas tote bag has lettering that reads "Not an Old Bag.
SHOPPERS are being encouraged to take an old bag shopping this weekend.
All the gods you've known have vanished and left you an old bag of bones.
An old bag lady was magnificently portrayed by Kathryn Dunn, who demonstrated an unsuspected rubbery face.
Everybody's efforts were recognised on Friday afternoon at Lunch with an Old Bag and, when the final total was announced, it sent shockwaves around the room as we rocketed from last year's staggering PS269,000 to PS425,000.
Russ says: "The golden rule is never to leave anything on show - even an old bag or coat.
Amazing, really, that an old bag like Robinson - who actually comes from Liverpool - can cheerfully express mindless prejudice about groups of people - the Welsh, Scousers - while someone like "Bigot" Ron Atkinson expresses mindless prejudice of a slightly different hue and it costs him his job.
Give an old bag a new lease of life by attaching a printed scarf to the handle.