keep eye on

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keep one's eye on someone or something

 and have one's eye on someone or something
Fig. to have one's attention directed to someone or something. Please keep your eye on the children while I go to the store. Bill kept an eye on his expenses because he was spending too much money.
See also: eye, keep, on

keep your/an eye on something/somebody

to watch or look after something or someone Could you keep an eye on the baby for me a while? I kept my eye on him all the time as I felt sure he was about to do something stupid.
See also: eye, keep, on
References in classic literature ?
Her beauty drew many an eye on her, however, and catching the steady and admiring gaze of one or two of the gentlemen, Julia's heart beat, and her face was covered with blushes.
uk and keep an eye on What's On over the next few weeks for more information.
24, 2011 (CENS) -- With an eye on the lucrative rapid-charging technology, Lite-On Clean Energy Technology , a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Lite-On Technology Corp.