an elder statesman

elder statesman

1. One who is experienced and successful in a particular area. Because Michael's the elder statesman in our department, everyone always goes to him with questions.
2. One who is no longer working in a particular job but is still considered a valuable resource. Even though he's been retired for a year, Joe is still the elder statesman that gives us all feedback on our manuscripts.
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an ˌelder ˈstatesman

1 a person who has had an important job in government, business, etc. and who, though he/she may have retired (= stopped work), is still likely to be asked for his/her opinion and advice
2 any experienced and respected person whose advice or work is valued: He is regarded as TV’s elder statesman, having worked for the giant CBS network for nearly twenty years.
See also: elder, statesman
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And much more, to understand that the drums of war are trumpeted by an elder statesman in the mould of Mr Paul Unongo is unpardonably misplaced and extremely dangerous.
As an elder statesman and a respected leader in the international community, Ramos meant all that he said on how President Duterte is running the country not to his liking.
An Elder Statesman, Alh Tanko says the introduction of the National Dialogue Advisory Committee by President Goodluck Jonathan is an acceptable platform to discuss matters affecting Nigeria s Constitution.
Coyle said: "Because he's an elder statesman Graham will testify that you treat every game as your last.
WITH the style of an elder statesman Birmingham MP Sion Simon dispensed with the irony of the association of Billy Liar and politicians when he introduced the movie, part of the British Classic Film season, at Broad Street's Cineworld.
Other equally outstanding aspects of Franklin's remarkable life are covered as well, from his rise from humble beginnings to his status as one of Philadelphia's leading citizens, and his service to the US, both as an ambassador and as an elder statesman at the Constitutional Convention.
Both he and an elder statesman projectionist in the room were outraged.
My client is known in the Armenian community as an elder statesman.
Here is a man with the power to light up the lives of everyone he comes across, an elder statesman with such charisma that on a world stage he makes other leaders fade into a no-man's land of also-rans.
Chuck, incidentally, remains an elder statesman of his beloved game.
The editor published The Words of Gardner Taylor to illustrate the sermons of an elder statesman on the gospel and the rich tradition of African-American preaching.
Leaner than the first SITE Santa Fe Biennial in 1995, this year's installment featured an international cast of young artists - so young, in fact, that South African William Kentridge, born in 1955, came across here as an elder statesman - working within the frameworks of strategies associated with the pioneers of a previous generation (especially Vito Acconci, Chris Burden, Andy Warhol, and Bruce Nauman).
As an elder statesman, he was for many years a valued, if unofficial, adviser to presidents, his "office " a famous park bench in Jackson Square, opposite the White House.
Solis, as an elder statesman, could make him a leader in the jocks room, where McCarron was the group spokesman before his 2002 retirement.