a soft touch

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a soft touch


an easy touch

COMMON If someone is a soft touch or an easy touch, it is easy to make them do what you want or give you what you want. He did not get where he is today by being either a soft touch or a poor judge of his businesses. Pamela was an easy touch when she needed some cash. Note: To touch a person for money means to approach them and persuade them to let you have some money as a loan or a gift.
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a soft (or easy) touch

someone who is easily manipulated; a person or task easily handled. informal
A touch was mid 19th-century criminal slang for the act of getting money from a person, either by pickpocketing or by persuasion. Touch was later extended to refer to the person targeted in this way, and a soft touch was specifically a person from whom money could easily be obtained.
1998 Times Henman can be something of a soft touch. For every leading player who touts his potential, two from the basement would relish his name in the draw.
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a soft/an easy ˈtouch

(informal) a kind and perhaps easily deceived person whom people ask for money, help, etc: Ask Tony to lend you some money. He’s a soft touch. OPPOSITE: a tough customer/cookie Touch was a slang term used by criminals to refer to the act of stealing something from someone, particularly from a pocket. A soft or easy touch was someone that it was easy to steal from.
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