an earful

*an earful

Fig. a great amount of discussion, criticism, gossip, or complaint. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She was really mad about something, and I sure got an earful. Sue was standing around the corner while Jim and Mary were arguing and got an earful.
See also: earful
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After having a pop at his one-time pal Lucy Spraggan on Twitter - to which she gave him an earful back, with interest - James Arthur took to Twitter at 1.
Probably because BP is worth so much to the Scottish economy, not even SNP apparatchiks are prepared to give him an earful.
I know they have a mission to deliver pizzas or burgers to fat wasters before it goes cold and they get an earful of abuse from a disgruntled customer, but their antics on the roads are unbelievable.
JACK WILSHERE might get an earful from Roy Hodgson about smoking - if Arsene Wenger asks the England boss to reinforce the point.
High-speed hand dryers also got an earful from elderly people for being loud.
When a photographer ignored the diktat and got too close to the Khan, he got an earful in true Sallu style
For his trouble he was locked up and spent a number of hours in the cells and at the end he got an earful from his girlfriend.
Summary: New York Fed President William Dudley got an earful after citing the price of the new iPad as an example of why inflation isn't a problem.
Sasha can't resist Nige's offer of drugs in exchange for sex and gets an earful from Amy and Ste who return to their flat to see Sasha and a half-dressed Nige emerging from their bedroom and Leah playing near a syringe.
The local farmers gave me an earful about what it was like to farm in West Marin County these days and directed me to the website of the Alliance for Local Sustainable Agriculture (alsamarin.
wardens are used to getting an earful from motorists.
Crawford was able to laugh about it, but he said his sons were going to be getting an earful for skipping the election.
As if this wasn't enough, Honda engineers--who got an earful from customers and tuners about the previous, 7th generation, Civic--rein-forced the suspension mounting points to handle aftermarket modifications.
The former is an earful of the primitive (think Lightning Beat Man with singing lessons from El Duce), down and dirty.
And if thousands of scratchy insect-legs weren't enough to steal away Christian's attention, these prickly noise-makers also gave him quite an earful.