an all-out effort

*an all-out effort

a very good and thorough effort. (*Typically: begin ~; have ~; make ~; start ~.) We need to make an all-out effort to get this job done on time. The government began an all-out effort to reduce the federal budget.
See also: effort
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Reversing that downfall is the challenge facing Frito-Lay, the Pepsico division that acquired Cracker Jack from Borden Foods in October, as it begins an all-out effort to rejuvenate this venerable munchie.
This memo recommends that all registered blood and plasma establishments will have to begin HIV-1 antigen testing of all blood in current inventory, and that all prospective donors will have to be tested with HIV-1 antigen test in an all-out effort to close the "window" between exposure and detectability of HIV.
Four years ago, officials here in Marion County decided to make an all-out effort to curb the stubbornly high level of births among unmarried women, a problem that affected a cross-section of the county but was particularly acute for African-Americans.
Eyeing three open seats and the rising number of registered Democratic voters, the party launched an all-out effort to take these traditionally conservative communities.
Mohammad Rashad Daureeawo has stressed making an all-out effort for boosting mutual trade ties between the two countires.
If it calls for an all-out effort, the load must be lowered for the next and each succeeding set.
Players test their skills, spirit and strategic savvy in an all-out effort to capture their opponent's SANCTUM.
Munters is playing a key role in an all-out effort to return the Pentagon to full use after the September 11th terrorist attack that killed more than 125 military and government workers while ripping a cavernous hole in the side of the Washington, DC building.
Volunteers from the parent-led Classrooms for Lancaster Kids committee have sought endorsements and donations, sending letters and making phone calls in an all-out effort to get the measure passed.
And if the lifter is willing to exert an all-out effort on every rep, strength gains are sure to follow.
This is not just to cut down on 'unwanted emails,' this is an all-out effort to eliminate dangerous attacks on my customers' inbox.
A 1992 story about a study of pictographs being done by the Natural History Museum resulted in a surge of such events at the park, forcing park staff to make sites off-limits in an all-out effort to protect them.
Demand an all-out effort during practice and reward your players by skipping post-practice conditioning.
The results are most gratifying and represent an all-out effort by the company to strengthen its business globally.
October 2000: City officials launch an all-out effort to stop the mine with a rally of 2,000 residents.
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