an Indian summer

Indian summer

1. A period of unseasonably warm weather in early fall. I know it's September, but don't get out your winter clothes just yet—this area often has an Indian summer. I hate the cold weather, so I'm hoping for an Indian summer.
2. A particularly peaceful, successful, or enjoyable time as something nears its end. As her illness worsened, my grandmother still enjoyed painting, so I think she had an Indian summer before her death. I wonder if people sensed that they were in an Indian summer just before the Great Depression.
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an Indian summer

mainly BRITISH
An Indian summer is a period of great success late in someone's life or career, often after a period of not being successful. Despite an unexpected Indian Summer, they never really lived up to their initial promise. Note: An Indian summer is a period of unusually warm sunny weather during the autumn.
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an ˌIndian ˈsummer

1 a period of unusually dry, warm weather in the autumn: We had a splendid Indian summer last October.
2 a period of success or happiness near the end of somebody’s life: He made his best movies in his seventies; it was for him a real Indian summer.
See also: Indian, summer
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TEESSIDE may be enjoying the sunshine but sadly it is NOT an Indian Summer, according to weather experts.
British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale added: "Just when you thought summer was all over, an Indian summer is incoming.
However those hoping for an Indian Summer may be disappointed as a low pressure system is expected to start to move in from the west over the weekend, bringing the risk of some rain.
AFTER a wet summer, the North East could finally be getting some sunshine - but don't call it an Indian Summer.
An Indian Summer track was being used to introduce an Alan Whicker programme about paragliding.
The warm start to September prompted questions about whether it qualified as an Indian summer.
Shame, for an Apache frost and an Indian summer somehow balance the weather lore books rather splendidly
Perhaps not an Indian summer at this time of year but fingers crossed for perhaps an Indian spring.
EXPECTATIONS of sunshine and long hot days may have been washed away by record rainfall this summer, but gardeners as nature's greatest optimists, have high hopes for an Indian Summer.
Meanwhile, we'll look for an Indian summer soon, to tide us over.
As we are in the throes of an Indian Summer the Co-operative has Fairtrade Chilean Merlot Ros 2010/11 at pounds 4.
IT is way too early in the calendar for our classic definition of an Indian summer but this warm spell does carry some of the traits - clear blue skies, calm and mellow.
BRITAIN will bask in an Indian summer this week with temperatures set to soar to as high as 27C, weather forecasters predicted.
It simply didn't exist, Perhaps now the schools have gone back, We may get an Indian summer, like 2006.
In the increasingly global world of business thinking, an American spring could be followed by an Indian summer.