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amuse (someone or something) with

To entertain or distract with something. Try to amuse the dog with his ball—anything to get him to stop barking! Whenever we go to a restaurant, I bring along a few toys to amuse our young daughter with.
See also: amuse

amuse someone with something

to entertain or interest someone with something. Try to amuse the child with this little toy. She was able to amuse herself with the puzzle for a while.
See also: amuse

keep somebody aˈmused

give somebody interesting things to do, or entertain them so that they do not become bored: Playing with water can keep children amused for hours.
See also: amuse, keep, somebody
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To find out more about Zieher's Amuse range and its other products, contact a member of the team at Zieher.
The combination of LieberLieber's AMUSE and Green Hills Software's industry-leading compilers and the MULTI IDE will provide these capabilities in a well-integrated package," explained Chris Tubbs, business development director EMEA, Green Hills Software.
So original yet so synchronized with local tastes, the women of Amuse have meticulously selected their merchandise.
AMUSE Entertainment Group BV is a leading provider of digital media solutions and services to the media, entertainment and advertising industries.
AMUSE (Advanced Modeling Using Simulation and Execution for Enterprise Architect) is a simulation tool for UML or SysML and a model debugger.
Designed to amuse, educate and comfort, the realistic Perfect Petzzz puppies and kittens simulate sleeping and breathing.
Amuse Pictures was founded in 1990 as Amuse Video, Inc.
The Motley Fool's mission is to educate, amuse, and enrich individual investors around the world.
The Brooke & Nick Show is up and running in Venice with two 20-something chefs - Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts - partnering to open the Amuse Cafe in a two-story one-time railroad bunkhouse.
The new Hoyle Board Games and Hoyle Card Games each weigh-in at a hefty 14 games per collection, ensuring that there are enough games to amuse and challenge everyone from kids to grandparents.
They are paired with a five-course dinner (plus amuse bouche and dessert) by Saddle Peak's chef Warren Schwartz for $99 per person.
Perfect Drift is a gelding, all right, which explains why it takes a tetherball to amuse him.
If you're looking for some cute and harmless tunes to amuse the tykes, ``Songs From Walt Disney Pictures Presents The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea & More
A leader in the field of Digital Subscriber Line, Orckit has installed ADSL modems in the first major multi-national, multi- protocol R&D trial, the AMUSE project of the European Community.
a leading educational software company, announced today that Amuse Productions has purchased exclusive rights to Morgan's newest edutainment title, Recess in Greece(TM), in Japan.