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1. mod. high on methamphetamine. She is so amped that she could fly!
2. mod. excited. Don’t get so amped! Chill!
3. mod. angry. I got so amped, I nearly hit him.
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n. amphetamines. (Drugs.) I never do any drugs except maybe a few amps now and then, and the odd downer, and maybe a little grass on weekends, but nothing really hard.
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Supported mainly by AMP's soundly-performing Australian business, other ratings on AMP group members-including ratings on AMP's operating company, holding company, bank, and recently-settled A$1.
9, 2002, a number of significant developments have affected the AMP group's creditstanding.
AMP has also experienced organizational upheaval in its senior management ranks following the recent resignations of its chief executive and financial officers.