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Nothing that has life, either animal or vegetable as we know them, can exist without air, and it follows that nothing having life, according to our views of it, can exist in the moon:--or, if any thing having life do exist there, it must be under such modifications of all our known facts, as to amount to something like other principles of being.
If you will throw--" Wilson had thought of the girl in Tom's bedroom, and was going to say, "If you will throw the surreptitious and disreputable part of your business my way, it may amount to something," but thought better of it and said,
Sales amount to something in the region of PS1,200-PS1,400 per week and this offers good profit margins with low overheads.
For years, the banks enjoyed the use of that money--they weren't paying the interest, and from the point of view of the law firms, the amount of money being paid wasn't worth the time to track, but collectively, they amount to something.
All that, however, will amount to something yet not everything should Shields fail to overcome a tough test in the shape of Derbyshire-based North West Counties Premier double winners Glossop.
In the most sobering monologue, we learn that Donner is essentially a loser who hoped that Rudolph would amount to something, and planned to live his life vicariously through his son, until Santa took advantage of Rudolph and damaged him for life.
We continue to watch for signs that these statements amount to something more than purely rhetorical support.
GEMINI May 21- June 21 You will need to retain your focus, if you want to amount to something in your career.
Investing properly can maximize your savings and when properly undertaken, it should amount to something substantial in the future.
I say these things because I love Bahrain and it would be wonderful to see the Arab world amount to something, much more than our current standings in the world.
Potentially, this could amount to something very, very significant.
The irony is disturbing, but it's one of the few cases where notions of belonging amount to something practical which might benefit the land and all those who live on it.
Ten years of friendship must amount to something," she said.
The rest of the university's environmental measures are minor but they amount to something major.