amble along

amble along (something)

to walk along slowly and casually somewhere. They ambled along the path. I was just ambling along, minding my own business, when I tripped.
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In some places, Cornwall and Guernsey I did amble along some roads mainly because there are not so many inland footpaths here to choose from.
The charity has inshore lifeboats at Berwick, Seahouses, Craster and Amble along with resources over the border.
Main street isn't safe for walkers THE Daily Post front page 24th July 2014 'Town centre airlift drama' ' I have lived in the area now for four years and love to amble along Mostyn Street.
If you want to amble along and take in some of the sights, that's fine.
The first ride, 'Biking, bunnies, and boats', will amble along at a gentle 6mph and gets under way at 11am on Easter Sunday from Hawkshead.
Unfortunately, as I was soon to learn, her version of docile was to amble along the path slowly, some way behind my friend on his fierier beast, before panicking that she was being left behind and breaking into a trot that threatened occasionally to turn into a gallop.
Or you could just amble along the bazr on the Mall and meet good-humoured local folk.
Usually, boredom and worry about the next bush being better make pickers amble along - as if another row will hold anything different from more fruitful plants, loaded with blue dots waiting to be slid from their stems.
Meeting at the Bullring Bull, the tour will amble along New Street, passing through Victoria Square and Paradise Forum, before culminating in Centenary Square.
Tracks amble along and then comes another, much the same as the last one.
Strollers who venture to this enclave of scenic beauty - ten minutes north of the racecourse - can amble along a wide path from the Hunter's Inn to the cove at Heddons Mouth Beach, while more active walkers can enjoy a circular cliff-edge yomp to Woody Bay.
25 (ANI): World famous toy train of Darjeeling in West Bengal has received vestibule coaches, which now enables its passengers, who had to earlier jump off the train to enter another compartment, to amble along from one end to the other.
There are echoes of Juno and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, albeit without such snappy dialogue, as the characters of Adventureland amble along without any sense of urgency as life unfolds around them.
6l/100km (31mpg) while it will amble along country roads like any other Volkswagen.
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder play amiable losers who amble along until they are framed for a bank robbery and end up in jail.