amble along

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amble along (something)

to walk along slowly and casually somewhere. They ambled along the path. I was just ambling along, minding my own business, when I tripped.
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THE Northumberland coast is one of the prime locations for langoustines and we have some of the best product anywhere in the world landed right here in Amble.
Amble Harbour Village is a government funded, community led project designed to grow and sustain business and employment in the local area.
There will be a wealth of things to do and see in Amble today to mark the opening of the harbour village.
Robert Arckless, Northumberland County Councillor for Amble, said: "This is fantastic news for the town and provides yet another reason for visitors to come and see everything we have to offer.
Panama may be a burgeoning tourism hotspot, but Amble Resorts' focus will remain on creating the authentic travel experiences the company was founded on.
Amble Resorts will choose ten finalists, who will have their submissions posted to The Ambler on 18 January 2012 for a public vote to select the winner through to 31 January 2012.
Titley had congratulated Francis Woods, rider of Amble Speedy, as they pulled up.
Garvin Brown IV stated, "Joan Amble is a very accomplished executive with extensive business experience, particularly in the financial arena.
Now Amble is in the final of the Great British High Street, against Prestatyn and Bognor Regis.
Raising money for: Amble Shannon Lifeboat Appeal KATRINA Cassidy said: "Amble Harbour Day will take place on Sunday, August 30 from 10-4pm on the Quayside in Amble.
Sustainable development company Amble Resorts revamps their travel blog of three years, welcoming travel enthusiasts to a revolutionary source of inspiration and conversation
a design firm contracted by Amble Resorts for their new Panama project, The Resort at Isla Palenque.
Amble is in the final of the Coastal Community category of the Great British High Street Competition.
TEAMS from Hull, New Fordley, Ryton, North Shields, Cullercoats and Amble joined two squads from the host club at Prudhoe YC's annual 11-a-side under-16s football tournament.
The team at Amble Resorts will evaluate all entries to the contest and select the 10 travel moments that stand out from the rest, whether as the most poignant, entertaining, inspirational, humorous, thoughtful, provocative, or in some other aspect.