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amber nectar

Beer, especially lager. Primarily heard in Australia. It's been a long day at work, I'm looking for a bit of amber nectar when I finish!
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grey amber

Another term for ambergris, a waxy substance excreted by sperm whales and used as a fixative, especially in the preparation of perfumes. The large chunk of grey amber that washed ashore is worth more than gold!
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an amber gambler

  (British informal)
someone who drives very fast past the lights that control traffic when the signal is about to tell them to stop She's an impatient driver - a bit of an amber gambler.
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Some early conifers produced the type of amber familiar to gem collectors today.
When the researchers analyzed the amber, though, they discovered a chemical signature known only from the amber of flowering plants.
Researchers expected the symmetry and shape of the terpenoids in the newly found Carboniferous amber to resemble those found in conifers.
Gloucestershire: amber plus overall, 3 greens, 5 ambers, no reds
Greater Manchester: amber plus overall, 4 greens, 4 ambers, no reds
Hampshire: amber plus overall, 2 greens, 6 ambers, no reds
No one knows exactly how amber acts as a preservative.
is one of the world's authorities on amber fossils.
At its Networld+Interop show booth, Amber Wave will exhibit:
AmberSwitch will be available directly from Amber Wave.
Exclusive to Amber Wave, Adaptive Cut-Through dynamically combines low-latency cut-through with the reliability of store-and-forward technology for maximum performance.
Robotics, Amber Wave and AmberSwitch are trademarks of U.
This should be a strong product differentiator for Amber Wave, one that appears to satisfy a clear market need.
Amber Wave delivered a high-performance solution that a small non-profit like Dorsai can afford.