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alternate between

To switch between two different people or things. We are going to alternate between the lead and the understudy at today's rehearsal. The air conditioner alternates between settings, so I don't think it will get too cold in here.
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alternate with

1. To share a role or task with another person. Because we're co-hosting the talent show together, we're planning to alternate with jokes and introductions.
2. To appear repetitively with something else. That pattern is visually overwhelming; it's just a constant line of circles alternating with squares.
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alternate between (someone and someone else)

 and alternate between something and something else
to choose or change between two persons or things alternately. The job will alternate between Gil and Ed. The maid will alternate between the first floor and the second floor.
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alternate with something

1. [for someone] to serve as a substitute for someone. I alternated with Fred as the lead in the school play. They asked Harry to alternate with Ron on the team.
2. [for something] to appear repetitively and regularly in a sequence with something else. (For instance, A alternates with B in the sequence ABABAB.) In this design the straight lines alternate with the circles. The red dots alternate with the blue ones.
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That is, the user can climb onto the swing and begin from an initial dead stop to pull first on one chain and then on the other chain, alternately, until the user and the swing have begun to swing side to side in accordance with the inventive swinging method described herein.
Dive from deck, streamlining with flutter kick and sprint, alternately breathing when necessary.
The many repercussions of this tragedy are told alternately in flashbacks and in the story of what happens when a young unwed mother stays with Isabel.
Together these images articulate a sort of pigeon's-eye view of the city, alternately, as Oscar Wilde would have it, down in the gutter and gazing at the stars.
From 2000, Follow Me best represented the company throughout Giovanni Solima's alternately chirpy and tidal score, Aquilarco.
Rats that had gotten only sugared drinks are another 4 calories, whereas those that had alternately downed sugared and artificially sweetened drinks pigged out on a whop ping 15-calorie repast.
It's a bold creative move that has resulted in refreshingly innovative recordings that alternately entertain and educate.
America's Exposition Pavilion will showcase a host nation's cultural treasures, recreational resources or industrial products, or alternately, a sponsoring corporation's goods, services or cultural initiatives.
Different from "interval" molding, in which separate materials are injected alternately, the simultaneous coinjection technique was first developed some 15 years ago by ICI in England.
She didn't make it but she takes the reader through an alternately comic and grueling visit to executive career coaches, job fairs for $200,000 + salary seekers, proselytizing evangelical networking seminars, and motivational gurus who she exposes like the puny Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.
With a single branch dipped in kelly green paint and bound with wire to one of its milled big-city cousins, the artist plays on the interaction of the artificial and the natural, each alternately the crutch for or envious of the other's greener situation.
Soon we discover variants of tentacle-people: a body with two tentacles emerging from one arm, a woman spinning across the stage with a whole skirtful of tentacles, two men with extra-large tentacles sprouting from their heads alternately bowing and leaning backward to make huge, sweeping waves that fill the theater's height.
The new research shows for the first time that subjecting sludge alternately to oxygenated and oxygen-deprived conditions is highly effective at eliminating the hormones, he says.