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alternate between

To switch between two different people or things. We are going to alternate between the lead and the understudy at today's rehearsal. The air conditioner alternates between settings, so I don't think it will get too cold in here.
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alternate with

1. To share a role or task with another person. Because we're co-hosting the talent show together, we're planning to alternate with jokes and introductions.
2. To appear repetitively with something else. That pattern is visually overwhelming; it's just a constant line of circles alternating with squares.
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alternate between (someone and someone else)

 and alternate between something and something else
to choose or change between two persons or things alternately. The job will alternate between Gil and Ed. The maid will alternate between the first floor and the second floor.
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alternate with something

1. [for someone] to serve as a substitute for someone. I alternated with Fred as the lead in the school play. They asked Harry to alternate with Ron on the team.
2. [for something] to appear repetitively and regularly in a sequence with something else. (For instance, A alternates with B in the sequence ABABAB.) In this design the straight lines alternate with the circles. The red dots alternate with the blue ones.
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Cut to May 2002, the basement ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel ("Isn't that elegant," my better half, Charles, observes dryly), and Barney--now one of the dozen most influential members of Congress--has us alternately convulsed with laughter and challenged to become even more partisan.
Alternately alluring and confounding, The Loss of Sexual Innocence hearkens back to all those obsessive early nouvelle-vague efforts of Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard, the ones that sent our parents fleeing to some diner afterward to argue over coffee and cake whether it was fabulous or a piece of shit.
Alternately, hybrid vehicles' "clean" electricity comes from coal-fired generation, yet tax-credit is available.
They alternately exchanged glances in the present with these people who were just a few inches away, reading what they had experienced in a past that could only be imagined--and in the process, hopefully, as Sheikh says, "beginning to accept that we, and they, are one and the same.
If two idiots alternately take aim at each other with a six-shot revolver containing one bullet, what is the probability of each one surviving?
When Jason accepts an offer to house-sit a Beverly Hills mansion for his friend, the talentless actor Fawn Farrar, he finds himself propelled into a mob of situations that change his life forever, situations that are alternately funny, irritating, terrifying, and rapturous.
Alternately, you can listen to the call by dialing (888) 552-7850 from within the United States, and (706) 645-9166 from all other locations.
The listener alternately learns about Anna's past and Trudy's present until the two stories merge.
In Pozarek's sculptural praxis, object and image alternately put one another in question.
Billy Grant, a medic with a gambling jones whose sleazy buddy with a heart of gold (Joe Pantoliano) has given him a clinic in the middle of his casino; they spend their days alternately bickering over medical ethics, pulling one another's fat from the fire, then making up.
Strathern transports us to hair-raising times when alchemists used strange, oftentimes poisonous concoctions alternately attempting to cure human ailments and turn "sick metal" into gold.
Another new work, aSOlos, will be danced alternately by a man and a woman.
Her voice, which has never been traditionally beautiful, was a flexible Broadway instrument, alternately powerful and wistful.
Based alternately in Connecticut and Boston, they've developed a loyal following with hundreds of gigs throughout the Northeast at an array of hotspots, ranging from famed clubs like Toad's Place in New Haven to Cafe 9 (also in New Haven), The Middle East in Cambridge, Mass.
Pifko reflects Nomi's struggles in her alternately smart-alecky and plaintive narration.